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Ingrid S Clay, from Lafayette Louisiana, graduated with a degree in Physics fom Xavier University; a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A&T Univeristy; and her MBA from Simmons College. Her science background influences the way she views her fitness and nutrition programs, making them more effective with lasting results. 

Ingrid lives by the philosophy that fitness is all encompassing. In order for the body to perform at its optimum level, it must be fueled with the right foods. However, the drive, motivation, perseverance, and discipline all come from the inner-being, inner-self, and soul.

Body Sculpting, Nutrition Planning, Strength + Conditioning, Booty Building, and Group Fitness are Ingrid’s specialty. She incorporates Mediation and Mindfulness, Nutrition into her fitness programs. Ingrid is a firm believer in taking care of the soul as it is the core of who we are and it’s where we find balance.

Throughout her 10 years in the industry, Ingrid has become well traveled as she has journeyed to many countries and states competing and training. Ingrid is a Competitive Bodybuilder National Qualifier in Bikini and Figure and a Certified Celebrity Personal Trainer.

In addition to all the above Ingrid is also  a Plant-Based Chef who does pop-up dinners and Private Events. 

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the amount of sugar you should have a day in teaspoons


weeks it takes for your body to adjust to a diet


One out of four Americans are not getting enough vitamin C. 


The percentage of Americans not getting enough Vitamin D. 



Meal Prepping

Take the Hassle out of Meal Prepping. Ingrid offers 3 unique ways to make life easy while achieveing your goals



Body Sculpting, Strength and Conditioning, Plyometrics