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Train your way to a leaner, stronger body in half the time or less!

Get ready to break a serious sweat with this scientific guide to HIIT training! Discover everything you need to know to achieve the best results from your HIIT workouts by understanding the muscle action needed to perfect each exercise.

Inside the pages of this fitness book, you'll explore the physiology of more than 90 essential HIIT exercises! It is packed with:

- Specially commissioned CGI artworks depicting all the main HIIT resistance exercises - from burpees to plank jacks and variations that add or reduce the challenge.
- CGI artwork features color-coding to highlight how the muscles, ligaments and joints engage, stretch and relax to perform each exercise.
- Training programs, tailored to different abilities and goals, provide suggested workouts with a progressive increase in challenges over weeks and months.
- Easy-to-follow infographics help explain the hard science behind why HIIT training is so efficient, and what beneficial physical adaptations it can bring.

High-intensity interval training is a fantastic way to lose weight and get strong by performing very short bursts of targeted exercise. Recent scientific research shows that HIIT is the most efficient form of exercise for raising fitness levels and increasing cardio-respiratory health. Science of HIIT reveals the facts to help you optimize the benefits of HITT to your body and mind.

The clear CGI artwork details the mechanics of each exercise, correct body posture, the muscles involved and how they engage to perform movements. You'll also learn the knowledge and tools needed to be able to create your own bespoke workouts. This HIIT guide will completely transform your performance and help you smash your goals!

The Science of HIIT (Signed Copy)

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