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Justin Bieber – Believe Mp3 Audio Free Song.Q: Java send emails I am building a program in Java, which will send emails. At the moment I have an email account which I use as the SMTP server. I connect to this account using javax.mail package. What I would like to do now is to send emails to users. The users can be stored in a MySQL database. My question is: How do I go about doing this? I need a way to get the users in the database. Do I have to build my own mailer or can I do it using the javax.mail library? A: You need to look at how to create an IMAP/POP3 mail server, as well as at how to send e-mails from a Java app. You can then use the Mail classes to actually send the e-mails. Q: Class access and inheritance I have a class which extends another class. Both these classes are in a separate namespace and module: namespace _lib { class parent { public: int x; parent(){x = 20;} }; class child : public parent { public: int y; child(int y = 30):parent(), y(y) { } int foo() { return x + y; } }; }; } int main() { return 0; In this situation can I access the x value from the parent and y from the child? Yes, you can. The parent variable is a member of the child. If you think of it, child is an instance of parent. In this sense, you can read the x value from the parent, and the y value from the child. Accessing members from a base class is always allowed. Accessing members from a sub-class is only allowed in certain situations. Accessing a base member from within an operator() of a




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Justin Bieber Believe Song Mp3 Free Download napinico

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